Philly Game Jam 2013!

The recent Philly game jam was one of the best event’s I have ever taken place in. I got to me some amazing new people and make some great connections I plan to keep in touch with.

This was an incredible opportunity to challenge my own skill and learn a ton about games and their creation. This was my very first attempt at doing any type of sprite sheet and pixel art, And personally, it was a major success! I am so very proud to show anyone willing to look at the screens of out game that Quadratron and I made: SUPER ULTIMATE GHOST FIGHTER TURBO! (I will put a link here as soon as it is uploaded to the Quadratron website.)


One of the other artists – Travis, created the characters, the animation, the title screen, the GUI, the FX, and modified the terrain to look more badass(only in the title screen). He is an awesome artist, check out more of his art at the Quadratron website!

All of the walkable environment area was made my me, I made the sun and stars backgrounds, travis created the moon background and light purple stars.Platform plainsQuadratron – Travis made this background

Plateau PlainsQuadratron – Travis made this background.

Dirt Land

Travis created the characters and the GUI – more of his art here Quadratron

(The theme for this 48 hour game jam was ghosts of games past, and I feel like we hit it right on the head.)


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